Towards the end of my time at Cranbrook, there were farewell parties and comments. Pat Hartmann talked of my energy, enthusiasm and my “ability to create excitement and, occasionally, a little chaos”. The architect, William Kessler, remarked that I had “the curiosity of a child”; how true. On behalf of the Board of Governors, Alice and Bill Aikens hosted a farewell party at their home, November 1994. The reproduction of Eleil Saarinen’s dining room chair was a gift from the Board; much appreciated and cherished. A few years later, Bill phoned to say that the Board of Governors had made me ‘Director Emeritus’; I was delighted

Two Guys

Strangely enough, this summer 2008, Archivist Mark Coir sent me an email that answered part of his own question: how did I want to be remembered. He said that he and Greg Wittkopp, Director of the Museum, were having a beer. Mark wanted me “to know that there at least two guys kicking around Cranbrook” remembering me as “a bold leader, great administrator and an all around nice guy!” Obviously, I am delighted and flattered; I could not wish for more, thanks!


After leaving Cranbrook, Agnes and I rarely returned; our family was gone and the children lived elsewhere. Out time was over, our job was done; we were cruising, literally! In 1999, we were in Michigan on business. Gerhardt Knodel, Director of the Academy and our good friend, kindly invited us to attend Commencement. At the reception that follows, Gerhardt graciously introduced us to some parents and graduates. I remember that moment, standing near the Triton Fountain, as he told a graduate who I was, former President. The graduate grasped my hand firmly and stammered, “Yes, I know; I have heard all about you. You are Roy Slade; you are a legend!”

What more can be said? Like any legend, time to ride off into the setting sun. ‘Hi Ho Silver’………….


Christmas card 2007.

….actually, we cruised to Florida, the Sunshine State. After six years aboard ‘Lady A’, in 2001, we dropped anchor in Clearwater and came ashore. Agnes and I enjoy the wonderful beaches, great boating and spectacular sunsets from our condo on the Gulf of Mexico. Art museums are nearby from the Museum of Fine Art in St Petersburg to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota. With time to paint and write, a life of beauty never ends…..

Thanksgiving 2008.


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