The website on Roy Slade has been created by Lawrence Steiner.


For years, I could never find the way to approach writing about myself; a book seemed pretentious and problematic. Recently, I was discussing this with my friend Lawrence Steiner; he suggested creating a website. I had no idea what this meant or how to start. Lawrny set up my website; he used the phrase ‘Welcome to Roy Slade’s art world! A Life of Beauty!'

I left the statement be. My wife, Agnes encouraged me to write; I did and continue to do so. Lawrny installed a voice recognition program; which I used effectively. Now I have more confidence in using the computer keyboard; whatever, I am writing. As I write, the phrase, that Lawrny used, makes more sense; for I am presenting my ‘art world’. Moreover, I have been blessed with ‘a life of beauty’; involved as I am with the world of art and art museums. RS 2007.

Introduction and Photograph by Lawrny Steiner

Roy Slade, Director Emeritus of Cranbrook Art Museum and former director of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, lives with his wife, Agnes, in Clearwater, Florida; with summers in his studio on Shelter Island, New York. He continues to lecture; judge art exhibitions; write and paint. A resume and some of his paintings and writings are included on this website.........

Roy Slade in front of his painting "Dusk", acrylic on canvas, 48"x72", 1992. 
The painting was exhibited that year at the Robert Kidd Gallery, Michigan. 
Photo: Clearwater 2007


As President of Cranbrook Academy of Art and Director of Cranbrook Art Museum, Roy Slade retired in 1995. A year later, he and Agnes started their cruising life, first to Canada, thru endless locks, canals, rivers and lakes to New York. In summer 1997, they left Shelter Island in the 32’ powerboat ‘Lady Blue’ and traveled down the Intracoastal to Florida. The following year, they moved aboard a bigger boat, ‘Lady A’, a 40’ cabin cruiser. In 2001, they dropped anchor in and came ashore at Clearwater; where they now live in their condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

During their six years of boating and living aboard, Agnes and Roy went up and down the East Coast from Martha’s Vineyard to Key West. They cruised the Intracoastal from the Chesapeake to Florida Keys; crossing Florida thru Lake Okeechobee. In 2000, on ‘Lady A’, they explored the Bahamas; memorable, as were all the years of the cruising life. To be remembered always are the bays, rivers, inlets, islands, storms, sunrises, clouds, waves, winds, markers, bridges, locks, docks, forests, sea grass, palms, pelicans, dolphin, golden sands and turquoise waters, bustling ports, boating people and exotic places. Nowadays, they are boating, in their 17' power boat 'Blue', on the nearby inlets and bays; ahoy!


Site updated 04/18/2016

Since early 2015, by choice, the Slades are without boat or car, yet remain most active. A car seemed no longer necessary with Uber, buses and trolleys readily available, friends too! From their apartment on Island Estates, everything is easily within walking distance: shops, restaurants, bars, post office, hair salon and spa, marina, pier and beach. Agnes and Roy walk early every morning for at least an hour; a favorite walk is on the beach at low tide. As ever, the view from their balcony window is an ongoing delight with sun and clouds reflected in the ever changing waters of inlets, Clearwater Harbor and Gulf of Mexico.

On Shelter Island NY, summers are spent on the farm with green fields, tall trees and a barn, where Roy has his studio. They walk daily; a truck necessary to drive around, on and off island. Family boat is at floating dock, easy to board, and the boating is great. Again, ahoy!

In Florida, friends visit Agnes and Roy. Mid April 2016, daughter Anne came for a couple of days. By coincidence, so did Linda Dunne and Roberta Stewart. Anne is a Kingswood graduate. Linda & Roberta were senior admininstors at the Museum and Academy. A fun Cranbrook gathering.

Photo by Sharron Steiner