A friend said that she had gone to my website and noticed that last entry was 2012.

Obviously, time to update as life continues on the Gulf and Island. Except for 2014, Agnes and I spend our summers on Shelter Island NY. I continue to paint and Agnes works in the garden. Most important, our family gets together and we enjoy some time with our five grandchildren, growing all too quickly……………………….


During the rest of the year, Agnes and I continue to enjoy our life on the Gulf.


Many art museums are nearby. In St Petersburg: The Museum of Fine Arts; The Dali Museum; The Chilhuly Collection at the Morean Center; and many art galleries. Tampa Museum of Art and The Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota also offer diverse collections and fine exhibitions. Much to see……………………...


Summer 2013

The summer of 2013 was special with the celebration of my 80 'years young' on July 4.

Actually my birthday is July 14 and I am a Bastille babe! However, our family and friends could get together for a party on July 4 and did so at son Chuck’s farm on Shelter Island.

The farmhouse was decorated for the festivities, food and fun. So many special moments and surprise gifts. Daughter Anne and husband Randy worked with our granddaughters Olivia and Catherine on “80 reasons we love Roy”. Then a special surprise as the five grandchildren, including the young ones Charles, Clara and Julian wore tee shirts which said “Roy Slade School of Art Student”. All five had spent time in my studio doing their own art, the most unique being the painted rocks. The ‘students’ would go searching the grounds, find suitable rocks to paint in different ways. Most were colorful and decorative but my favorite was a rock painted blue and white to look like a cloud. Art is everywhere.


Summer 2015

In early July, we flew to New York, then by car and ferry to Shelter Island. The farm cats welcomed Agnes and every morning before dawn were at cottage door waiting for treats.

The previous summer, 2014, we spent in Florida. Pleased to be back on the farm again.

On July 14, Anne and Randy arrived for a few days with our granddaughter Catherine. Another birthday to celebrate. Chuck barbecued vension then came cake and candles. Later, Connecticut to visit John, Margo and our three young grandchildren. Happy days!


Occasionally, I have a real surprise on seeing paintings that look familiar but have been forgotten. On this visit to Connecticut, four colorful paintings were in the guest room that I came to realize were mine! Most fortunate for me, our family like my paintings, often taking works straight from the studio. Then I see them again in a totally different place and context, always a delight.

That summer, I worked on twelve canvases, 18” x 18”, same size as four in Connecticut. The colors much more intense and tropical, influenced by living on the Gulf of Mexico. Our view of water, sky and horizon is ever changing.


My paintings are inspired by my surroundings and reflect the abstraction of nature. Recently photographs of earth from outer space were taken by Astronaut Jim Kelly. These colorful images seem further confirmation of nature’s rich abstraction.


Earlier paintings reflect the black rocks and swirling tides of my native Wales with its dramatic coastline. More recently came the greenery of Shelter Island and tropical colors of the Gulf. My painting deals with gesture and geometry, contrasts ever evident in nature, from the green foliage and white fences of Shelter Island to turquoise waters, swirling clouds, docks, pylons and spectacular sunsets of the Gulf.